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Tick–tock–tick–tock…the clock never stops…one day after the next….when will it end?

2020 was a challenge for everyone. With every passing day, we wished for an end to the pandemic, but our hopes were constantly frustrated. And here we are in 2021, and still no better off. This is exactly how our animals feel, a permanent home seemingly forever elusive…

And the longer they wait, the more desperate they feel!

A Long Journey to Happiness…

Meme, a British Short Hair, abandoned 3 times before finding her "fur-ever" home!

Why hasn’t my owner shown up? Why am I always forsaken?

Meme knows how miserable a long wait can be. She was five years old when first abandoned at the SPCA. However, a year after finding a new home, she was abandoned for a second time, in a state of neglect. She found another home within two weeks, but to our distress she returned for a third visit when our inspectors rescued her from the street. It was only after scanning her microchip that we recognised who she was! She was by then nine years old, and in a poor condition: severely overweight and suffering from a serious ear mite problem.

To have been abandoned three times in four years is just so cruel. The SPCA welfare team ensured poor Meme had the most compassionate care, as much to soothe her heartbreaking trauma as to deal with her medical problems.

Meme spent almost four months at the SPCA before finally meeting her fourth owner, by which time she was nine and a half years old. The good news is her new owner adores her, and has paid close attention to her diet, helping get her get back in shape. It’s been two years now and Meme is having a wonderful time, the love-filled life of a feline princess! We are so thrilled she has finally found happiness…guess for her it was fourth time lucky!

In 2018, Meme has been sent to the SPCA for the 3rd time, our team gave her very compassionate care in a stable environment.

Meme is now enjoying a wonderful life, the love-filled life of a feline princess!


Stray Wonderland’s survivor – Sai Lo (Lok Lok) – the last one to be adopted

Could that lady outside my kennel be looking at me? Will she make my wish come true and take me home?
My brother, was so excited when his new owner came to collect him! Is it at last my turn?


Sharpei-cross brothers Gor Gor and Sai Lo were rescued from the Stray Wonderland animal shelter in Ta Kwu Ling in April 2019. Both were puppies, only four months old, when they arrived at the SPCA. The cruel conditions they endured at Stray Wonderland left them both extremely anxious about interacting with strangers. Luckily, with lots of tender loving care and support from their kennel keepers, slowly overtime they gradually gained enough confidence to socialise with humans. In the meantime, all the other survivors from Stray Wonderland had been adopted, leaving the two brothers the only ones waiting for a permanent home.

It took almost 500-days of training and waiting patiently for the two dogs to finally get some good news! Gor Gor (Tofu) found a fantastic family in August 2020 to love him forever. And then, two months later the icing on the cake…Sai Lo was adopted as well, being the last surviving dog to find a home from the horror of Stray Wonderland. It’s a true fairy tale ending for the two brothers, as despite no longer living together, the dogs still get play dates as their new owners arrange to meet up regularly!

Such a long wait in kennels can be frustrating for both dogs and those looking after them. But it is the prospect of a happy ending for these fabulous, feisty animals so deserving of love which motivates our kennel team to keep going.

Can you help us create more happy endings?



Over the past 99 years, only 1% of our resources has been provided by government aid. It’s been with your generous support that we have survived the unprecedented, difficult times of the past chaotic year and been able to continue our work fighting on the frontline for animals.

We are now facing a new year still full of uncertainties, the SPCA needs your support more than ever. Any donation you can give no matter big or small will not only help us continue our animal rescue and welfare work, but also bring hope to animals which are still waiting for a home! Your support is very important to us both – human and non-human!

Please help us sow seeds of HOPE for our homeless animals, so they too can look forward to a brighter future! Your kindness and generosity in donating a Red Packet will not only bring Happy New Year WISHES to these innocent lives, but also ensure their medical care and daily resources will not be affected during these difficult times.


A “Comfort Toy” wish – to send toys to homeless animals providing fun and enrichment


A “Special Treasure” wish– to enable animals in need to be fostered and receive special care in a loving environment


A “Pawfect Day” wish – to support the daily needs of homeless animals


A “Smart Furry Kid” wish – to provide behavioural training to animals who are suffering mentally and physically, and help enhance the possibility their being adopted


A “Heal with Love” wish – to provide treatment and surgery for ill or seriously injured animals

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